Mt. Pulag

Around January, cebupacificair had a seat sale which only costs around a thousand which was a pretty sweet deal given that our planned trip was April. It’s summer time and most people go to the beach to cool off and chill. For us, beach is just an hour or less from our places so when can obviously go there anytime we want. My squad wants to try out a different summer getaway.. trekking to the 3rd highest peak in the Philippines, Mt. Pulag.

When I say Mt. Pulag, what comes to your mind?

Is it the breathtaking  view of the sea of clouds? Or is it about the not-so-challenging-but-long trek to the summit? Whatever you’re reason is, check out our 2 Days 1 Night itinerary below!

View from the summit.

Day 1:

We traveled from Baguio to DENR office and it took us almost 2 – 3 hours. Gawd! I had a headache (More vehicle sickness) because of the zigzag road! Anyway, upon arrival at the DENR office we were told to present a medical certificate before we can climb/trek. Something that we did not have since we weren’t informed about it. We went to a local community hospital nearby ( 1 Hour away) and had our check up done. Upon arrival back in the DENR office, we took a quick seminar, watched a short video presentation and headed our way to the ranger station.

Excited, upon arrival in the Ranger station,  we were then told that we are not allowed to have a camping in any of the camping sites since it’s a weekend! Freaking annoying right? We were not informed about the no-camping-on-weekends policy or whatever you call it. My friend tried call the DENR office since we’re pissed AF about it but then we decided not to waste our time getting pissed about it because there’s nothing we can do even if we’re able to contact the DENR office. And by the way, just a heads  up, the signal in Pulag sucks! Going back, so we had our late lunch in a nearby “carenderia” and rented a tent and did a camping near the ranger station. We did a camping on a carrot farm nearby and slept on top of  the carrots! Yes, bed of carrots! hahahaha! We were making fun about it but it actually hurts lying on top of it! And since we had a lot of time, we played games, ate snacks and took lots of photos.

Sundown, we had our dinner in a nearby carenderia and it’s quite pricey for a carenderia though. But of course, it’s business.


DAY 2:
At around 1 am, we started our trekking to the summit. On our way there, we passed by the first camp after an hour or more? Actually, we’re slow walkers so I really don’t know how long it took  us from the station to camp 1 to camp 2. After Camp 2, we head to the 4th peak, 3rd peak, 2nd peak, then the 1st peak. An hour plus of walking and we finally reached the Summit. We made it minutes before the sunrise which was really awesome! Upon reaching the summit, we were greeted by wind gust and it was freaking cold up there but the view, it was magnificent! We were expecting for the sea of clouds, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to see one since it did not rain the day before. Sayang! Still, it was beautiful up there. After trekking for 5 – 6 hours, the 360 unblocked view from the top was fantastic! It was really worth the long trek!


And oh, I forgot to mention what to wear in Mt. Pulag. I really can’t tell you what to wear exactly because it depends on how you can take the coldness. As for me, I had a bonnet, scarf (Thick one), 2 layers of sweatshirt, a jacket and 2 pairs of socks! Keep those hands and feet covered cause it’s gonna be cold up there! Unless you’re from a place like Korea or Canada you’d still feel hot with the temperature on top.

This is probably one of the most memorable adventure of my life!

Mt. Pulag is now scratch off my bucket list!  Only the brave and daring survive!





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