Kalanggaman Island

Summer is finally here! The scorching summer days makes you want to take a dip into the sea! In time for summer, here’s one destination that’s really famous now:

Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte.

View of the Island from the sand bar.

How to get there? There’s a lot of ways actually, you can go via Palompon, or  via Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu (Yes, there’s a direct one but it would take so much time travelling to and from) and lastly, Malapascua Island. We chose the latter because our original plan was just to take a quick summer getaway in Malapascua. (Which is my fave island by the way).

The sand bar (Other half of the Island’s wing)

How did we get to Kalanggaman from Malapascua? Well actually, we were lucky to join a group (It was a collective group; A mixture of foreigners & locals) that was bound for Kalanggaman on the day of  our arrival. (Thanks to Malapascua Budget Inn for the heads up!)

Upon arrival in the island, we went directly to Malapascua Budget Inn and left our bags in there. After, we then went to the beach near Cocobana to ride the pump boat that was bound for Kalanggaman.


After 2-3 hours of travel, we’ve finally arrived! And I must say, Kalanggaman Island is a really beautiful island! The water is clear and the sand is powder-ish white!  The sun was way too hot though, but the water was cold. Perfeeect!

How much did it cost us? It was around Php 950/Per person. That includes the motorized banca, lunch and environmental fees. Isn’t it cheap? Now if you want to stay longer, you can stay for the night, but the rates would be different.

Summer bod! hahahaha

What are you waiting for? Visit Kalanggaman now!



2 thoughts on “Kalanggaman Island

  1. Kalanggaman island is always on my list. Was about to go this month and even had my flight booked already. Sadly, went out for an exchange program earlier this year. Still, I would love to visit Leyte one day!


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