Shanghai Nights 🇨🇳

While having my morning coffee, I was on a conversation with a close friend. She asked me why I resigned from my previous company and so I told her the story of why I resigned and what I’m currently doing right now. While we were exchanging messages, Shanghai came into my mind. Why Shanghai, you asked? Well, it was the very first time I got to escort a group. It was also the very first city that I visited in China. So many first, actually. Who would have thought that I will be able to visit this place? Well not just once, but twice!

To start off, on the last week of September last year, I was actually on a week long trip in Singapore and solo trip to Bintan Island (Check out My Glamping experience in Canopi 🇮🇩). While I was resting in my tent, I got a message from my colleague that they will be needing a copy of my passport. I wondered why and asked her, what is this for? She just told me that I might be Escorting a group. Since I was on a trip, I didn’t mind what she said. When I got back at the office, I was told that I will officially handle and escort the group.

China? there’s nothing to see there!
That’s what I thought so too! Before the trip I thought it would be a mess – like Manila mess or even worst. But boy I was so wrong! This goes to show that we should never judge something without experiencing it first hand.

How was Shanghai?
We got out of the airport and went to the city center, along the way, you will notice how wide their roads are, if I remember it correctly, it was around 6 lanes per way. Even a plane can land on it! No kidding! Since Shanghai is China’s financial hub, expect the city to be very modern, lively and bright lights everywhere! While you can see the skyscrapers from the Bund, around or behind the platform houses a row of old/historical buildings. Which is totally opposite from the skyscrapers you see on the other side. Here in Shanghai, you can visit the biggest Disneyland and one of the biggest Starbucks Reserves.


I have summarize the highlights based on a 3 full-days tour:

The Bund – From here you would see the old Shanghai while across the river you would see the modern Shanghai. Where you can see the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and many more!

Nanjing Road – It is Shanghai’s premier shopping district. It is a long stretch of pedestrian lane with lots of High end shops. The world’s biggest Starbucks Reserve Roastery is also located in this vicinity. Some of the group went and visited the place. I didn’t as I am not a super fan of Starbucks.

Cheng Huang Miao Market – This place is a well-known temple area in Shanghai. It is one of the popular area for tourist to shop and dine.

Shanghai Railway Station – While this is not a landmark or anything, I wanted to include this on the list due to it’s aesthetics. There’s a lot of shopping malls around the area.


新天地 (Xintiandi) – An upscale shopping and nightlife area; Most buildings are composed of reconstructed traditional mid-19th century Shikumen/stone gate houses turned cafes, restaurants and shops. This is also the most expensive area to live in Shanghai.

Oriental Pearl Tower – 4th highest building in Asia. I did not go inside the Tower due to time and job constraints but I was able to take pictures from the outside.


Disneyland – This is the highlight of every Shanghai trip. The latest and biggest Disneyland is found here in Shanghai. These Chinese really like big stuff huh! If there’s one thing I would recommend for you to ride, that would be TRON. The long queue is worth the wait! Personally, It is the best ride inside the park.

See you on my next blog post!

To more wandering,


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