My Glamping experience in Canopi 🇮🇩

An hour away from Singapore, Bintan is one of the go to Island for Singaporeans who are up for a quick weekend getaway! To be honest, I really did not know Bintan Island existed. I’ve only heard about Batam Island, but nothing about Bintan. When I searched Bintan Island, I couldn’t get much of “first hand experiences” from blogs/websites. Although, I really did not searched thoroughly as I was more excited with my Singapore trip because of USS.  Anyway, if you’re the type of person who needs all the information you can get before the trip, you can always visit their website at There you can see all the needed information that you want to know before getting to the island!

Just right after my Singapore trip with friends, I went alone to Bintan Island. Luckily, I was able to visit Bintan Island for free! I got a free round trip ferry tickets for two and a complimentary stay for 2 nights in Canopi Resort & Spa! SWEET!

Ferry ride to Bintan Island

The Canopi Resort & Spa is a luxurious glamping resort located a few minutes away from the Bintan Island ferry terminal. If you’re not familiar with the word Glamping, it is a combination of 2 words Glamorous + Camping; It is a luxurious camping with all the amenities you can find in a regular resort – it’s just that you are in a tent. Anyway, upon arrival at the resort, I was greeted with this view:

The resort’s famous Crystal lagoon!

Upon check in, I had to deposit 500,000 IDR per night which basically means, I had to deposit 1 Million IDR. WOAH! That’s only a few thousand in Peso though. Make sure to bring enough IDR as they only accept IDR. Although, you can use your Credit Card to pay for the deposit or whatever you want to pay. Both Mastercard and Visa are accepted. You can use the deposit to pay for whatever you want to buy inside the resort which is nice because you don’t have to bring cash around. While checking in, they will give you a waterproof orange band which has a RFID where you can just tap it to pay for the drink, meal or snack that you want to buy. Pretty cool, right?


Now, the most awaited part of this Blog, the Garden tent. This is what glamping is all about, the air-conditioned tent, a queen size bed, a TV with Cable (Limited English Channels), a mini frig and a private rest room outside the tent. See  below photos:

Bintan Island is really hot. So make sure to put a lot of sunblock on if you’re going outside. Other important notes also, Bintan Island is 1 hour Behind Singapore. So if you left Singapore on 7AM, you arrive in Bintan Island the same time and date!

See more photos below:

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