Colors of Jeju ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท

After 2 years, I got to travel back to South Korea again! This time around, instead of going to Seoul, I went straight to Jeju Island!


It was actually a last minute decision to join this chartered flight to Jeju as it was not on my plan to go there and I had a week or 2 to prepare for the trip! But you know what? it was a good thing I went there cause if I didn’t, I don’t think I’ll be able to visit Jeju island. Why? Because if you go there from Cebu (or Manila) you have to pass by Incheon and then to Jeju or you can go to Incheon, stay in Seoul for 3-4 days then fly out to Jeju via Gimpo airport and back. Plus you have to get a visa if you choose the latter.

JEJU! Ah yes! What can I say? The natural landscape of this island is mesmerizing! The color, the city, the weather, it was all but perfect! It was supposed to be summer season and I was expecting it to be very humid. But it wasn’t, it was rather cold during my stay in Jeju. I was so under-dressed for that kind of weather! But as they say, the show must go on!


Jeju Island is basically a mini Seoul, but less dense. It’s like a province and metropolis at the same time but very laid-back unlike in Seoul which has a fast-paced environment. Just like Seoul, in every corner you get to see Cosmetics shops! (I’m also doing the Korean skin care routine every single night.) #RoadToOppaness Lol! As for the tour, I actually forgot the sequence of the tours so I’ll just try to write down everything.

Anyway, so when I went out of the airport, I got excited because I saw the fountain/plaza area where 2๋ฐ•1์ผ had it’s filming when they went to Jeju! As I was with a group, everything was fast-paced, so I had no time to take a photo as I have to be with the group going to our bus. After all passengers on-board the bus, we went to the hotel for a quick breakfast at the basement. I really don’t understand Korea though. When I was in Seoul, I had to go to the 3rd-4th floor to eat breakfast and now, at the 2nd level Basement floor. lol! After our quick meal, we went to Seongsan Ilchulbong or also known as Sunrise peak. I’ve only seen this on TV and to see it in person, it was surreal! We just had our breakfast and to have it as the very first stop of the tour, we were not prepared! Since I was already there, I hiked all the way to the top. A 30 minutes to an hour hiking from the base to the top depending on your stamina. Once you reached the top, the crater is not as huge as what you see in TV or Online. But it was a beautiful experience! After a few snaps, we went down and went back to the group. Sad that I wasn’t able to see the diver Ahjummas doing their thing. Boohoo!

Next stop, Seongeup Folk Village. A village where you can see traditional houses with actual people living in it. In this tour, the guide explained to us the history of Jeju, the women diving for livelihood, we were also told the meaning behind the wooden sticks placed outside the house, how you touch a statue to make you pregnant and a whole lot of stuff. It was a very informative tour at the village.

After only 2 stops, it was lunch time already! What’s for lunch? We had black pig! I thought it would taste weird and rough to eat but then it wasn’t. It was actually pretty delicious just like a regular pork!
After that heavy lunch, we continued our tour, this time, we went to Eco land! Ecoland is basically a “themed park” but no rides. You will depart from Main Station, then stop by Eco Bridge Station, Lake Side Station, Picnic Garden Station, Lavender, Green Tea & Rose Garden Station, and return back to the Main Station. Once you’re done with the whole circuit, you can no longer ride back inside. So you have to make sure you’re done exploring before you go to another area. After enjoying Eco land, we had our dinner before we head back to our hotel to rest.

On this day after breakfast, we went to mysterious road. Why mysterious? Well, if your looking straight from the car, it looks like you are going uphill but in reality, you are actually going downhill. That’s it!

The next stop would definitely excite most of you, where to next? Jeju’s Love land! This themed park is the opposite of Ecoland, this one focuses on s*x. Everything in this place is all about penises, vaginas and sex positions. This park is full of erotic items/sculptures which is not suitable for kids. PS, I won’t post it here on my blog but I posted it on my IG stories though!

Up next, Teddy Bear Museum! Nothing much to say about this place except, it’s obviously full of Teddy bears!

One of the tour’s highlight, Jusangjeolli Cliff; This cliff was formed when Hallasan Mountain erupted. As you can see below, it looks like a man-made pillar (or pillars), but it’s not. I really can’t go technical or talk a lot about how this was made because it wasn’t explained to us. But you can know more about it when you visit there as there’s a lot of signage explaining the history and how it was formed. Anyhow, it was a sight to behold! The color of the sea was so good that it makes you want to jump! It was breathtaking! Especially when you see the waves crashes into the cliff!

Hallim park – Well, there’s nothing much to say about this one other than that it’s basically a botanical garden. Located inside the park is also the Ssangyonggul Cave – which is, uhm, a cave. Nothing much to see here though as I’ve been to other caves and parks that are better than this.


The Painters HERO – A gestural performance which showcases the casts’ painting different pieces; A witty musical pieces through painting. It is a mixture of the casts’ witty antics, polished painting and suave dancing! They’re basically a Kpop Idol group but nonverbal! A great show for both adults and children!


Hello Kitty Island – Same as the Teddy Bear Museum, this place exhibits different types of hello kitty or kitties. (Duh!) Don’t miss out their Hello Kitty Cafe for some cute dessert!


YEON-DONG SHOPPING DISTRICT – Located a block or 2 away from our hotel, we found this street packed with boutiques, cosmetics shops, bars and restaurants. You will be able to find this quick as the street is filled with neon signs! If you stroll around, you will be able to catch some live shows from indie singers/Magicians. We were able to pass by 2 artists performing their talents! To cap off the night, we went inside one of the bars and had a Soju bomb! LIT AF!


๊ณ ๋งˆ์›Œ, ์ œ์ฃผ! ์•ˆ๋…•~ ๋˜ ๋ด์š”! ํ—คํ—ค! (Thank you, Jeju! Goodbye~ See you again!)


In case you are wondering, this trip includes full board meals, airfare via Jeju Air (Chartered), 4 star hotel & transfers. ALL-IN.


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