Oishi Japan! ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต

Wandering around Tokyo made my stomach grumble! Of course I had to eat!

Here’s a list of meals/snack I had when I visited Tokyo:

1. Ichiran Ramen – Oishi-desu! SOMETHING YOU MUST DEFINITELY TRY! I REPEAT, YOU MUST TRY! This is something you shouldn’t miss when you visit Japan! Their ramen is to die for! One thing I also like about Ichiran is their setup inside. You see, you get to have your own personal space. You can eat at peace, make slurping sound and eat at your own pace – No distractions! Plan this one out if you want to try their ramen since it has a long line of patrons everyday. Good thing I was able to go there before lunch so I did not wait. But when I went out, it had a long queue already!

The cubicle setup.


You get to “make” your own ramen!
My Ramen! Craving right now!!

2. Ichiran Matcha Tofu – ย Ok, so this is not your usual tofu, it’s more like a pudding. The pudding itself doesn’t really have a taste but you see that little sachet on the side? That’s the Matcha syrup you put on top of the pudding/tofu which adds flavor of the tofu.

PS. The syrup’s taste is too strong. It’s very concentrated.

Matcha is life!

3. Green tea Mochi – While I was walking my way to Senso-ji Shrine, I saw this 100 Yen hot mochi in one of the stalls right outside the shrine! There’s actually a lot of snacks you can try in Asakusa shopping street.


4. Croquant CHOU ZAKU ZAKU –ย  Basically a cream puff covered with almond with soft Hokkaido custard cream pumped inside. Oishi! This is located in takeshita street in Harajuku. What is it everything from Hokkaido tastes so good?!


5. Mos Burger – Yes, it’s a fast food joint. But mind you, it is one of the best burger I’ve tasted. The quality and taste is perfect! Thinking about it now makes me hungry!


6. Steamed Potato – Ok. So this snack is rather random. I got to eat this steamed whole potato in one of the parks in Tokyo. You can add salt, Mayonnaise and other condiments. It tasted really good! It’s a perfect snack while strolling in the park.


7. BAKE CHEESE TART – I was searching for Pablo’s Cheese Tart but I wasn’t able to find one. Fortunately, I passed by this shop in one of the subways in Tokyo. I actually got curious as to how good it was cause there’s a long queue for it and you are only allowed to buy 2 sets. Man! It was love at first bite! THEN AGAIN, EVERYTHING FROM HOKKAIDO IS LOVE!


8. YAKINIKU – What more can I ask for? Yakiniku + Beer = Perfect!


9. MY CREAM MIKKE – Another Matcha entry! This is basically a Matcha ice cream sandwich with coconut meat-ish on top of the matcha Ice cream. End of story. hahaha!


10. STARBUCKS – Red Cups! Because it was Christmas season! Well, I was just curious if their Matcha is different from ours back in the Philippines. But nah, it’s same same.


So how was it? Were you able to finish this post without getting hungry?

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