My Autumn Story in Tokyo 🇯🇵

Konnichiwa Mina-san!

First week of December 2016, I went to Japan for another trip because I won myself a free 2 nights stay in Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro! Wooots!

I stayed in tokyo for 6 Days. It was still autumn that time but it was transitioning to winter season so the weather is kinda chilly. Autumn/Winter are my favorite seasons! Why? Because my pores doesn’t exist during these seasons and I get to do layering for my OOTDs! LOL!

Iconic. Moving forward. 

Here are the highlights of my trip when I was in Tokyo! As far as I remembered, though!

1. Tokyo Imperial Palace – Something you shouldn’t miss when you go to Tokyo. Sadly, I was only able to see the outside of the Imperial palace as I went there on a holiday. Bummer!

2. Hibiya Park – Another great spot for your instagram! Located a few blocks from the Imperial palace.

3. Tokyo Station – It is the Main intercity terminal in Tokyo. The station is only a few blocks away from the Imperial Palace. Though I really didn’t get inside as I came out through Nijubashi-Mae Station – Somewhere in between the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station.

4. Shibuya Crossing – You’ve never been to Tokyo if you’ve never crossed the Shibuya Crossing just outside the Shibuya Station! Walking across the busy intersection is just basically.. Err.. Crossing. Nothing spectacular actually.  I think it’s better to go to Starbucks which is located on the second floor of a certain building (which I’m not familiar, to be honest). That’s where most shots are taken from when you search Shibuya Crossing. Upon crossing the street, I can already see a lot of patrons in the shop so I did not bother go up and cram with them.

Shibuya Crossing

5. Hachiko Statue – I did not know that the Hachiko statue is located here. Well, I know the name Hachiko but I never really knew about it. When I went down the station, I  saw the statue located just outside the Shibuya Station which is a step away from Shibuya crossing.

6. DiverCity Tokyo Plaza – This is actually a shopping mall in Odaiba where you can shop, dine and enjoy the view of Tokyo on a different side. I was actually able to see the Full size Gundam model before it was taken down last March.

7. Kanda Shrine – It was early morning so most of the shops are still closed. I came across this Shinto shrine located in Chiyoda, Tokyo while I was strolling around Akihabara.1111.jpg

8. Akihabara – Famous for it’s electronic shops and Manga collections! If I knew, I could’ve brought lots of cash. Dang! So many items I wanted to buy! Ok, so I did give in. I bought a lightsaber chopsticks. NO REGRETS! Star Wars items are my weakness!

9. Shiba Park – You can see the Tokyo Tower from here. Plus, it’s a great spot for your Instagram post!

10. Asakusa Nakamise Shopping St – A long stretch of shops that leads to Senso-ji Shrine. A lot of goods and snacks are available here and this place is full of locals and tourists.
11. Senso-ji Shrine – Tokyo’s oldest Shinto Shrine. I’m trying to look for the picture of the shrine itself but unfortunately, I can’t. What I have here is the Hozomon, the inner gate of the temple. Located after the Asakusa Shopping Street!

the Hozomon

12. Tokyo metropolitan Building – Tokyo in 360 view on top! Admission is FREE OF CHARGE!

13. Tokyo Tower – The Eiffel Tower of Japan! Admission fee is only 900 Yen.

14. TAKESHITA STREET – An alley located in Harajuku which is right outside the station. It’s a shopping / cafe / restaurant haven! Don’t forget to check out Zakuzaku! If you don’t know what Zakuzaku is, check out my next blog. 😉


15. GODZILLA HEAD – Located in Kabukicho street, a red light district! I did not know about this nor was it on my plans. I was just wandering around Shinjuku area and found this Godzilla head  in one of the buildings. ahem.


15. Tokyo SkyTree – I got messed up with this. I wasn’t able to go to Tokyo Skytree because I was on the opposite side of Sumida park! Nonetheless, it was a pretty cool sight from afar.


To see more of the places I’ve been to, follow me on instagram: Pirwanders


Wandering around in Tokyo made me hungry! Don’t forget to check out my next post on some of the meals I had! 


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