Kantorini dreams ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท

Have you always thought of going to Santorini but you don’t have enough money to visit that lovely island? Well, here’s one place that will give you that “Santorini feels”… ish

Introducing, the overly hyped food place in Quezon City, the Kantorini Food Park.

The place itself is a clichรฉ food park setup. There’s Japanese, Korean, Chinese, italian and of course, a greek food stall. Food trip na this!

Enough with the introduction. Let’s now talk about the most important thing here – Food. I must say, they have quite a few options to choose from. We looked around and found this potato / french fry stall. It’s like a DIY french fries. Of course, I wouldn’t miss this. You get to choose what kind of fries you like (Straight cut, wedges, potato slices etc.). Next would be the 3 toppings. I won’t  mention all because  I really can’t remember all of it. They have plenty of toppings you can choose from and there’s a lot of options to try. But here’s our fries combination: 

Straight cut fries, ground beef, ranch dressing and parmesan cheese.

After a quick snack, we kinda got thirsty. We saw this long queue of people waiting to take order. We got curious because they were actually bringing out fish bowls. Yep, you read it right. Fish bowls. Guess they ran out of ideas. Lol. This stall sells Blue lemonade, cucumber, pink lychee and iced tea at 150 pesos per bowl. 

Next stop, greek food. What’s the point in going to a Santorini-inspired food park without actually trying their greek food? So here goes our full greek platter!

We’re almost full but we still have some space left for our next meal. We got excited to try this one out. It’s called Gyu Tom. It is inspired by barbeque grilled meat/yakitori. Their wagyu is a must try. The soft texture of the meat and the teriyaki sauce blends so well. You’d want to order more! But it’s  quite expensive. A stick costs a 100 pesos with 4 wagyu cubes. Don’t  expect too much of their wagyu though. It’s  not the finest nor the most exquisite wagyu beef, but it’s  really good for it’s price. We ordered their platter with assorted 8 pieces yakitori which costs 500 pesos per platter. 

That ends our food trip experience  in Kantorini. *burp*


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